Taylorsville Utah Government

Incorporated on July 1st of 1996, Taylorsville was a grassroots effort of many of the citizens who had developed a vision that provided a great control over the local community for planning and economy and municipal services.
While still considered a relatively new city, the area is rich in history and reaches back to the year 1848 when Joseph Harker and his wife Susanna Harker crossed the Jordan River and founded the area of Taylorsville and Bennion. Originally, it was called Over Jordan.

The city has been organized with a counsel. It has a Mayor and a Municipal Government. The Mayor serves the community and as the CEO of the city. The Mayor is the one who oversees the Administration of the entire City via the community and development.

They have a five-member city council that includes the mayor and a presiding judge. The city is divided into five different districts that each have their own council member. The city doesn’t have any “at large” positions. They’ve elected their members and a chairperson and vice-chairperson. As a whole, they are responsible for the operation and the organization of the city council.

The city administrator is appointed by the mayor and confirmed by the city council. The city has contracted many of the public services such as garbage, street and road maintenance and the police department to outsources.

The judge is also appointed by the mayor. The judge is also confirmed by the city council. Taylorsville Court is notable thanks to establishing the second drunk driving court in the country and they also hold the first misdemeanor Drug and DUI hybrid court in the state of Utah. Additionally, they have a dedicated Domestic Violence calendar as well as a Dual Focus Program for both a drug program and for alcohol programs. Especially those with a violent history.

Built atop of an old lake bed, Taylorsville is situated on an old fault line between two mountain ranges. It sits on clay, sand and rocky soil. The soil in the region is typical desert soil and offers little for gardeners without some serious amending the soil.

Taylorsville offers plenty of hiking and biking trails that lend themselves well to family fun. It also offers a wide array of fishing opportunities for the family that lasts all four seasons. There are several species of fish that can be caught in the region.